Fridge Battery Cradle Adapter to suit Dewalt® Cordless Power Tool Battery


RRP AUD $29.95 / NZD $34.90

This battery cradle adapter enables compatible Dewalt® rechargeable batteries to be fitted to the 25 Litre Brass Monkey Portable Fridge/Freezer GH2028. Now the fridge can run on the same battery power and chargers as Dewalt® Cordless Power Tools.

Cordless power tools are extremely popular for Trade use and Do-It-Yourself home repairs. The batteries and chargers from reputable brands are generally high quality and fit a range of power tools within a brand's system. Move outside that system and batteries are not compatible. Clip this adapter into the standard battery cradle and instantly convert the fridge for use with batteries from the Dewalt® Cordless Power Tool range and avoid purchasing an additional batteries and chargers for a cost effective way to run a fridge remotely from a vehicle and without mains power.

Compatible Fridges

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Note: This product is an adapter only and does not included a battery.