14.5 Volt 6 Amp Mains Power Supply for Brass Monkey Portable Fridge/Freezers


RRP AUD $79.95 / NZD $95.90

Power supply for running Brass Monkey Portable Fridge/Freezers from mains power. Suits other fridge brands with a similar square fridge/freezer plug, including Waeco® models.

This mains power supply allows a fridge/freezer to be run in a house or garage. The power supply will run a fridge/freezer while also charging any installed lithium batteries. Suitable for all portable Brass Monkey fridge/freezers.


  • 14.5 volt, 6 Amp Power Supply
  • Operates on 240 volt mains power
  • Suits all Brass Monkey Portable Fridge/Freezer models except the Thermoelectric Cooler/Warmers 7.5L GH1366, 14L GH1373, and 30L GH1316 which require MP3575.
  • Suits Waeco® Fridge/Freezer models up to 6 Amps
  • Suits other fridges with rectangular power connection to 6 Amps. Chat to us online or in-store to check compatibility.

Note: Not suitable for Brass Monkey Caravan Fridge/Freezers which have a hard-wired cigarette lighter plug connection. Use either MP3575 or MP3573.