Sliding Drawer for Large Size Brass Monkey Fridge/Freezers


RRP AUD $239.00 / NZD $289.00

Sliding drawer to suit large Brass Monkey Fridge/Freezer models. Also suitable for large fridge models from other brands in sizes to 895 x 550mm. Fitted with predrilled mounting holes, supplied with mounting hardware, and rated for 100kg capacity.

The best way to install a fridge into the rear of a vehicle is with a fridge slide. Simply mount the drawer using the included mounting hardware and the pre-drilled holes on the drawer's base. Now accessing the fridge is easy. Simply open the back and slide your fridge out with ease. Open the fridge lid with plenty of room to see inside.

This large sliding drawer will suit the following Brass Monkey Fridges:

  • GH1646
  • GH1648
  • GH1680
  • GH1682
  • GH2040
  • GH2070
  • GH2076
  • GH2080
  • GH2082

This large size sliding drawer may also suit other fridge brands with a maximum base size of 895 x 550mm.

Warning: GH1684 is not recommended for use with this sliding drawer. While GH1684 and GH2082 have a similar footprint and both will physically fit on the sliding drawer, GH1684 has a capacity of 115 litres, which if filled with drinks to capacity will exceed the 100kg weight capacity of the sliding drawer.